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About Us

The Tale of Indy Tales

Indy Tales was created by two friends after collaborating on one of their wedding invitations.

Maddie was due to be married and found herself endlessly scrolling through Pinterest looking for wedding invitation ideas. Tired of seeing the same old designs, she finally asked Sher Rill for her help. “Help me create something a bit more fun... how about me and my fiancé as movie characters in some iconic action sequences?!”

The result, was a series of three movie poster style illustrations. All based on Maddie’s (and Arv’s) favourite films: Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and The Lord of the Rings. Not only did they thoroughly enjoy the process, they believed that there might be other couples looking invitations just like Maddie’s.

So they decided to work together to launch Indy Tales - an alternative (and adventurous) solution to your modern day fairy tale wedding.


A little bit about the creators

Sher Rill

Sher Rill Ng is a Melbourne-based freelance illustrator. She divides her time between designing for tech [startup] companies, and illustrating for picture books and middle-grade novels. Her first author illustrated picture book Our Little Inventor was released in 2019.

She also took part in the Imaginism House Workshop, an intensive art training program in Montreal, Canada, working with some of the best artists in the concept art/animation industry.

Though she greatly enjoys adventure, sci-fi and fantasy stories, her work is also motivated by the causes that help us care for the world we live in.

She believes that everyone has their own unique and profound perspective of life and love, and those are the stories she hopes to depict for Indy Tales.


Maddie has been studying and working in the design, print & advertising industry for over 12 years.

With her background in Illustration & Graphic Design, and her expertise in managing large scale projects, she has worked with many different clientele in many industries, helping them bring their vision to life.

From understanding print publication, website development and social media content generation, no matter what you throw at her she probably has done it before!

What she hopes to contribute to Indy Tales is to ensure this service is accessible to everyone.

Sometimes you could have a great idea or story to tell, but have no idea where to begin or how to get started. She hopes Indy Tales will be a service that encourages people to think outside the box and also make it a little less stressful leading up to their big day.