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First Date Wedding Invations

Geoff & Steph's Story

Their Story

Steph & Geoff have been together for over 9 years ago.

Their story begins with a match on OK Cupid (or as they would say 'unlikely matched').

What was meant to be a simple lunch and coffee at Degraves street, soon became a twelve-hour date!

On their date, they discovered many common interests. One interest in particular was their love of films. Wes Andersen, Jurassic Park & Studio Ghibli films were just a few films they both loved.

After hearing their story we decided to recreate the moment they first met, including the odd reference to their favourite movies.

Wedding Art Process


A first date is always a bit nerve-wracking, but when your date lasts 12 hours it must be something special.

We imagined Steph and Geoff getting caught up in their own world.

Chatting about the things they love and being blissfully unaware of their surroundings.


Although Steph and Geoff were still in the early stages of planning their wedding, they shared their love of being surrounded by greenery.

They were also very much inspired by Wes Andersen, known for his distinct dreamlike pastel palette.

For their Art piece, we explored a colour palette with mostly green shades. We also added pops of colours to Steph & Geoff, reflecting their charm & personality.


The scene for their Wedding Art is based on where they first met. Degraves Street is known for its iconic laneway umbrellas, tables and signage.

We also added the things they loved most; Dinosaurs, Totoro and their cat Hiroko.

Little details like Geoff’s knees knocking the table and a Wes Andersen gift box was also included to make it unique & special.

Wedding Invitation Design Process

Invitation Design

We like to keep our couples in the loop when it comes to the creative process, so after getting an enthusiastic thumbs up for the final art, we started working on the invitation design.

We narrowed our ideas down to a storybook, a movie poster and a postcard format. The movie poster invitation was designed as a DL format, making  it easy to post and fold down.

Printing & Delivery

Sometimes printing can be a finicky process. The terminology can be technical, and it's hard to tell the difference most of the time!

That's why we told Steph & Geoff we'd take care of all their printing & delivery so they wouldn't have to worry about a thing. We provided a few printing options that would suit their final design, then spoke with the printers & couriers to ensure everything was taken care of.

"Maddie and Sher Rill designed for us the most enchanting and whimsical wedding invitations that encapsulated the essence of our unique story of how we met, and our favourite things. They really listened to our story, and we are blown away by their talents." - Steph & Geoff

What will your story be?